The stress of the semester went away for a day as students, faculty, and passersby gathered around to hold puppies from Cache Creek Animal Rescue. The non-for-profit organization visited the campus with five dogs hoping to find forever homes. At the end of the day, three dogs went home to beds instead of the shelter.

Hannah was excited to meet Lulu.


Before Cassidy and Lulu could go back in their crates, they were snatched up by two students eager to cuddle them.


Cassidy, the youngest of the dogs, was worn out after a few hours of nonstop playtime.


After his picture was circulated, an Oak Park employee came by to adopt Cassidy. Somehow, the puppy knew he was on to bigger and better things.


Just as everything was winding down and the event was concluding, Rascal was adopted!


Lulu was a crowd favorite and she loved every minute of it.


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